ULTIMATE Adjusting Mastery Seminar
x“Which Can Potentially Transform Your Practice!”


This unique adjusting technique seminar is limited to (30) doctors because of the content. These are methods you’ve never seen or heard about and ones that will take you to the next level in your office.

You’ll learn how you can have a world class adjusting clinic, where athletes from all over the world will want to see you, and are willing to pay the fees you’re asking because you get results just by attending.

This is NOT a “Plain Jane” adjusting seminar. This is a world class seminar that has one of the best, Chiropractic adjusters in the world giving you a behind the scenes (A to Z explanation) of why and how you need to adjust your patients.

You’ll learn secrets on how you can adjust any spine or extremity, get fast results, and charge accordingly, so you no longer give your services away. WARNING: You’ll pay for this training seminar in your first week (or sooner) if you just follow the protocols given.

If you are a repeat doctor you get to attend again with an extra discount. But you need to get this in ASAP, because this seminar will sell out. This is your BEST PRICE so get this in now!

We only allow 30 attendees and we are 73% booked, you must act now if you want to attend!

Click Here to Register

Click Here to Register

“Just to let you know the Adjusting Mastery has transformed my practice. I was especially impressed with the detail covered and the adjusting techniques were easy to follow and use. It was a good fit into my clinic on ALL my patients. The patient response has been amazing where I am now getting results that I just was not getting before." - Dr. Greg T.

“The adjusting seminar was awesome. I started using the techniques we learned and some of my more difficult cases started responding. They must have noticed. In the last week, I had almost double the amount of regular referrals. - Dr. Jay R.

   “I went back to work on Monday after the adjusting seminar. We had a few serious lower back and shoulder issues. The patients couldn’t believe the quick results almost instantly from walking in the door to walking out the door. I really think this will help with the patients following through on their care plans." - Dr. Neil S.

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