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ORDER the SOLD OUT 1.5 day Dallas Bootcamp…By Investing A Paltry Sum of What the Attendees Originally PAID, … Which Means… NO AIRFARE, NO DRIVE TIME, NO DAYS OFF, NO ADDITIONAL FOOD BILLS,… NOTHING!!!
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Here’s just a ‘sample’ of the presentations included in the Bootcamp-in-a-Box:
How to create credibility and proof
• Secrets to loyal and long-term patients.
• How to track every phone call & know your ROI instantly.
• First time New table revealed from Switzerland that combines 8 therapies in one session. Nobody has this.
• New technology for cardiovascular screening revealed.
View the all new Live Weight Loss ROF presentation, and learn the ins and outs of WL marketing.
• How to protect your assets
How to structure your business
• Facebook marketing by the facebook guru Jonathan.
Adjusting techniques shown
• As a bonus, Wealth accumulation techniques.
These are just a small list of what comes inside your Bootcamp-in-a-Box!!!

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“Hi Dr Erich, Just wanted to Thank You for the Great Bootcamp . My wife picked me up from the airport and we went right to the office to get to work ( I am not joking!). I wrote down my plan of action and ready to rock and roll. Thank you for all your help, I sincerely appreciate everything you do.” - Dr. Todd M.

“I am a veteran in chiropractic. I have been with over 10 management firms and have not to date after 28 years in practice ever seen as many new ideas, ways of building a practice as at this Bootcamp.” - Dr. Jack, MI

“I am at a loss for words to describe just how much of an impact the bootcamp on me! Although I am exhausted from the time change and time spent in the conference room, I am recharged and refocused on my mission. Helping people while providing more for my family and myself by working less and making more. And like the lighthouse on the rock shining the way, YOU were there to get me and so many other docs back on course! Thank you for once again for putting on a spectacular event overflowing with valuable information and insight! You give me that fuel for my fire to help me be a better business man and family man thus allowing me enjoy being a chiropractor more! I am so thankful to be blessed, like so many others; with the RELATIONSHIP we have with you and those who surround you!"
- With Highest Regards, Dr. David G.

“Dr Erich, I am blessed again to have been at Bootcamp. Not only I learnt new strategies during this fantastic Bootcamp, met new friends from everywhere." - Dr Fabien, France

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