You Can Make An Extra $100,000.00 This Year, (OR MORE) Adding One Niche To Your Office…

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(To Make That Money, You Just Have To Have The Right Tools,
Get In Front Of The Right Crowd, (The People Who Have Foot Pain
or Plantar Fasciitis) And Then … Give Them The Right Offer To
Get Them Off The Fence And In Your Office.)


     Hey Doc,

     Wanna make some serious cash fast?

     You may have never purchased anything from Practice Wealth, but I think I can safely say you’d like to make an extra $50,000 dollars this year, right?

     That’s only $4,100 a month extra/month, but it can add up fast.

     We’re on the same page right?


     Well what about an extra $100,000.00 dollars? (you might make a lot more than that, and probably will, especially once you’ve implemented this program and it’s a permanent part of your office.)

     If you’re like me, (you don’t mind making money,) you like helping people.

Here’s The Deal !!!

     There are a lot of people, and doctors as well... pitching weight loss.

     Hold on.

     I’m going to talk about the new money making program in just a 

     I’m just talking about weight loss to make a point. Give me a chance to explain.

     We have a great program for weight loss, and a lot of doctors are making six figures a month doing weight loss, but since they’re already doing weight loss and it’s working so well, they wanted something else to promote.

     More is better right?

     Well, since they asked for it, I’m offering to get you set up with a brand new niche that can make you six figures as well.

     What is the niche?

Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis …
So… Take Advantage Of It!

     Plantar Fasciitis is a niche that no one is talking about or promoting a complete course of action right now, and one that you can make a ton of money with... because of that... if you’re aggressive and don’t sit on your hands.

     Let me spell it out for you.

     No one is doing a Plantar Fasciitis AD campaign right now!

     No one!
    They may have an AD, but they don’t have a complete marketing kit, ready to go like we do.

     Let me digress for a minute.

     When I introduced my weight loss program about four years ago, only a few doctors jumped on board. They are the doctors that saw the same vision I had, so they took action.

     All are making over five figures a month, but one of the doctors is doing so well... even four years later, he’s still knocking down $1,500,000 a year in CASH COLLECTIONS... just from weight loss.

     Here’s the point Doc.

     If you want to make money, you have to do things outside the normal chiropractic niche.

     Chiropractic is a good niche, but you have to do things a little bit different... if you want to make CASH.

     That’s who this is all about. You doing something that will make you some CASH, so you don’t have to worry about the insurance companies holding your money for ransom.

     The doctor that is not afraid of making money will take me up on this offer.

     As you know, weight loss isn’t a chiropractic niche, and there’s a lot of people doing it, but it’s a great niche because you already have your audience, (your patients) and insurance doesn’t cover your it, so they’ll pay you in CASH.

     As I mentioned, 23 of my members, all doing over $100,000K a month in collections, and it is mostly from niches, so I think I know what I’m talking about here.

So Who Are You Going To Market To?

     Here’s why I’m so excited right now. A lot of people experience Foot Pain.

You have:

    • medicare patients,
    • baby boomers,
    • lots of overweight people with foot issues
    • lots of people with joint issues,
    • patients over 35 that don’t exercise except on the weekend called weekend warriors

     Yes - - and you don’t have to climb a ladder and jump through some hoops to get to the top. With this marketing kit for foot pain, it’s all laid out in simple, easy to understand terms.

     If you’re an aggressive marketer, you already know that if you market your practice or a niche the right way, you’re going to have more new patients, which means you’re going to be able to make a lot more money... helping a lot more people.

     Doc, you’re already a joint specialist, so when you start marketing foot pain, people will respect that and they’ll call you when they have foot issues.

     If you’re an action taker, you’ll be known as the go to doctor for foot pain with this kit.

Who Gets Booked Solid?

     I’ve found that if a doctor in the community is labeled as an expert, a world authority, he/she charges what he/she wants for their examinations, and treatments, plus they’re usually BOOKED UP.

     Do you know someone like that?

     They’re out there, trust me.

     Just remember this one point when you are marketing.

     People buy when they are ready, not when you are ready. They may not have foot pain this week, but next month, or a grueling weekend, their feet are killing them. That’s when you’ll get the call... once you plant the seeds.

     How do you plant the seeds.

     You market Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis to them, anyway you can.

     They remember that you sent them a letter, a few emails, or they may just see your AD. You never know when they’re going to respond, you just want to be the one they think about when they do have a foot issue.

“I have consistently been getting 4-5 new patients a week marketing plantar fasciitis. It works. Thanks.”
Dr. Kevin GA

     Listen Doc, we all want new patients.

     Marketing is what gets people to ACT. If they’re not driven to picking up the phone and calling, you’ve just wasted your time, energy and money.

Think About This

     Computers can be complicated.

     Buying a new car or even a used car can be complicated.

     Working a new TV can be complicated if you’re not accustomed to how they work.

     I know that.

          Here’s what I’m telling you this.

         You don’t want complicated stuff.

When you buy something complicated,
… most likely… you lose money!

So what’s the answer?

» Get a system that is simple and easy to use.
» Get a system that has been tested and proven to work
» Get a system that is user friendly
» Get a system that will make you money FAST.
» Get a system that can be implemented by your staff
» Get a system that can be put in place... almost overnight.

     That’s what this foot pain marketing kit is.

     We give you a marketing kit that works, it’ll get you calls, plus it’s easy to implement.

Here’s what you get:

  • You get a Foot pain AD you run that gets you calls and when you get calls, you get new patients.
  • We’ll tell you how to market internally and externally.
  • I explain it and how to implement it in a CD so you’re not left hanging.
  • You learn how to schedule the appointment and gather information.
  • You’ll get handouts, fliers etc.
  • You’ll get a free report that you can give to your patients.
  • You’ll get e-mails to market your foot program.
  • You learn how to treat them, (most of the things you need you probably already have).
“Hi Dr Erich, The Plantar Fasciitis ad I ran in the local paper has been the most successful ad so far. The ad has run once and has generated 5 NPs so far with 2 more to come. Easy to convert NPs on to the prepaid plan. I am going through the extremities DVD's and it has already transformed the way I adjust and patient response. I have my busiest day yet on Thursday. Thanks.” Dr. Greg T.

     That’s it.

     I’m not about dilly dallying around with insurance. Insurance companies have stockholders, and stockholders want to make money. The longer they can hold onto your money, or deny you your rightful money, the more money they make.
photoshop layers
     It’s simple mathematics.

     That’s why I’m telling you about this foot pain/plantar fasciitis niche.

     I like CASH, and my members who implement my programs like CASH.

     With systems like this foot pain marketing niche, there is

This One-Of-A-Kind
Foot Pain System Works

     This foot pain marketing kit, (contains everything you’ll ever need to make money as the foot pain expert) has already been tested and it works.

     If you want to help people avoid surgery, you need to be treating foot pain. If you want to watch what happens, and you have the stomach to watch someone get their feet worked on, be my guest.

     If you still think what we do is a waste, trying to save people from unneeded surgeries (if at all possible) this foot pain kit is not for you.

And It’s Up For Grabs If You’re Not
Afraid To Stop And Take Some Action!

     Like I am saying, foot pain/plantar fasciitis is a BIG (with a B!) business, and if you’re not doing it yet, you are basically giving away money.

     If you’re not doing foot pain yet, and helping people avoid foot surgery if at all possible, you are losing money and not helping them.

     You as the doctor... are in charge.

     You can make taking care of people with foot pain... easy or hard.

     It’s up to you.

     The doctors who use this special Foot Pain Marketing program... do it one way.

     We don’t give you 4 different manuals, lots of things you have to do to implement this program, tons of additional paperwork that can overwhelm you, some fancy four color ads that look like everyone else’s that will most likely get zero results, and a list of things to do everyday that is a mile long and no one on the staff will ever do.

     That is not what this foot pain marketing system is all about and that’s why you’ll want to get it, consume it in a couple of hours, so come Monday, (if you get it on Friday) you’re ready to get your Foot Pain AD placed.

You can get started marketing Foot Pain
… as soon as you receive the kit.

     It’s taken the staff at Practice Wealth months to perfect this foot pain marketing kit, and it’s been tested by a good portion of my over 200+ members of my personal coaching group, so this foot pain marketing kit really is honed in, and calibrated to make you   money.

     There’s no B/S with it either.

     No fluff.

     Just pure, easy-to-implement content anyone can understand... from Day One.

     What you do as soon as you get the kit is you print out the handouts, and put them in your newsletters, and start handing them to your current patients, and sending them to your inactive patients. That way you’re looking for people that already know you and will call you up for an appointment.

You’ll be making money from Day One.

     If you’ve tried other programs to make your office money, and they’ve failed, don’t give up. I totally understand your dilemma.

     This marketing kit is different.

     When you follow the program, you’re going to have more prospects.

     I’m telling you doctor, this is the easiest way to build a solid, stable practice.

     It does take some dedication, some training, some persistence on your part, but if you follow the program, you’re going to love the results you achieve.

You Can Have It All… Today… So You Can Start Making Money As Soon As You Start Using It.

     Like I said, we have all the marketing you’ll need to be successful with Foot Pain, and it’s available to you immediately.

     The problem with you getting noticed as a foot pain expert and specialist, has been handled.

     It’s all in the kit and it’s waiting for you.

Simplicity is Key

     We believe in simplicity, and simplicity is what you have to have in a busy office if you want to be able to see as many patients as you want to see.

     I mention this in my weight loss program, but McDonald’s has this figured out.

     As you know, McDonald’s does not have the healthiest hamburger, the best meat, or the most mature staff, but they do have one thing down… like we do.

     That one thing they have down is the marketing and how to deliver it to as many people as possible, and still get the results that you’re looking for.

     Once you have a system like McDonald’s in place, you MAKE money.

     The same is true for this Foot Pain Marketing Kit.

     It’s been streamlined with no added fluff.

     It’s simplistic, and ready to make you money.

     Doc, if you want to make money and stop worrying about the recession, plus collect a lot more cash at the front desk, this really is something you have to invest in.

You make your money
investment back… quickly.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you invest in this amazing Foot Pain Marketing system:

This Works From Day One

     By the way - - you already have patients in your office now that would happily get on this program if you just present it to them.

     That’s what our flyers are used for.

     You ADD the flyers or inserts to your newsletters, and hand them out to all your current patients when they show up in your office.

     What’s interesting is this. Once you get the kit, you can get new patients for your foot pain protocols starting tomorrow.

     Fill out the enrollment form online or fax it to my office and we’ll mail your kit out the very next day. If you want it overnighted, just call my office and ask her for the overnight fees. She’ll give you the break down of that cost.

     And if you really want to make a difference in your practice and income this year, stop thinking and over analyzing everything. Just take the plunge, implement and start making money.

     If you can implement this at lightning speed, you’re going to love what your bank statement starts to look like.

     Patients will love the extra attention you’ve finally offered them. If you think you’re going to make money, you will. If you think you’re going to struggle and money is tight, and this program is too extensive and pricey, you’re right. It is. The choice is yours.

Have a great day.

     P.S. Here’s the quickest way to get started.

     and start making money next week. The longer you wait, the more chances of your competition getting a jump start on you marketing this first.

     P.P.S. You know as well as I do, not everyone is created equally. That means that I have to tell you that you might get this kit, let it sit around and basically gather dust. I want to make this very clear to you. Results do vary.
     Just like they do in any office.

     Some people get well with minimal work, while others never seem to make a move toward actually being pain free. This program is no different. Some doctors with some true grit will make it without breaking a sweat, while others might need to work a little harder at it than their counterparts.

     Again, your success depends on your commitment level, not ours. We give you what you need. You just have to make up your mind that you’re willing to do what it takes to be successful.

     Click the link below now and start making money next week. The longer you wait, the more chances of your competition getting a jump start on you marketing this first.

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