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“If You're Tired Of Begging
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Reading This Will Make You The MASTER Of Your Report Of Findings.

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser

Wednesday, 9:57 am
Temecula , CA

Dear Doctor,

Let me ask you a couple of quick questions .

  • Are you happy with your practice right now? I mean really happy. Sure you may be squeaking by, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
  • Are you living the life you want to live and the one you always dreamed about living when you were in college? Honestly, I really doubt it.
  • Do you want to continue doing exactly what you’re doing and hope that Obama or the government or some practice consultant is going to ride up on their white horse and save you? No one is going to save you … except yourself. If you don’t wake up, and smell the roses, you’re in for a huge surprise in the next few months.
"Dr. Erich's R.O.F. took me from
$0 to $50,000 "
Dr. Jon N.

Listen, I’m not here to bring you bad news or try and scare you. That’s not my gig.

No, I’m here to talk to you about something that is so important in your office that if you don’t implement it within the next few weeks, you’re going to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over your career.

This is Serious!

And I’m being as serious as a heart attack when I say that.

Listen, when I got out of Palmer in Davenport, Iowa, 22 years ago, I was wet behind the ears. I didn’t know anything; I’d moved to America from Switzerland, I couldn’t speak English that well and still can’t, I didn’t know how to run an office, didn’t know what overhead was, what to say to a new patient, or even how to get a new patient to call the office, so basically, I was clueless.

" I went from 20% conversion to 90% after using your Report of Findings" Dr. Glenn H.

But … I was ready and willing to learn what it would take to be successful and I was committed.

I hooked up with a doctor in California as an associate and he started to show me the ropes. They weren’t exactly the ‘right ropes’ if you know what I mean, but it was a start.

Well, once I got out there, on my own, life and practice wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. Kind of like your children when they move out and they decide in their little minds that they want to play house. They never, ever think about the bills that come every month.

Now granted, it was tough making the move for me as well. I had to worry about utilities, lights, heat, copy paper, copy machines, faxes, adjustment tables, desks, carpet, cleaning supplies, posters, the board, employees, quarterlies with the IRS, a CPA, an attorney, insurance companies, etc, etc. You know what I’m talking about. And well… it was stressful.

" I was collectiong $25,000 when I bought the ROF kit - Just by implementing the ROF - doing nothing else, six months later I'm collecting $52,000 a month - you've changed my life "
Dr. John K.

But you know what? I am still ‘here’ practicing and life is better than ever. I set my hours, I work just a few hours a week, make more than I ever have, and have very little stress, plus a great family life.

So what’s my point?

You can do the same thing!

Here’s what I did. I started to find out by ‘trial and error’ what was most important when you are trying to convert a ‘new’ patient to a patient that was a referring and paying patient that stayed with you for life.

I tried a lot of different techniques and office procedures and finally cracked the code to having patients wanting me instead of me chasing them.

I started to Attract the type of patients that I Wanted.

The kind that liked me and gave me zero hassles when they came into the clinic. They paid up front, they referred more people like themselves who did the same, and they showed up for their appointments.

"When I first started with Dr. Erich I was doing a 45 minute ROF... getting Dr. Erich's ROF Kit has worked great for me"
Dr. Mace R.

I mean things started happening in good ole’ Temecula, California.

I went from starting out with no patients, to adjusting 1,000 patient visits a week, within less than four years.

It took me months and months to compile and edit everything in the practice building market place, but I studied everything out there. I wrote everything down that I could. I listened to CD’s and tapes, over and over again, until I figured out the human nature of why people WANT to be a chiropractic patient.

It took me awhile, like I said, but if you can adjust 200 people in a single day, in a small 1,000 sq. ft. office with just 2 employees, and process 16 new patients all on the same day, you must be doing something right? Agreed?

Well, that’s what happened to me. I figured out what those patients ‘wanted’ and I gave it to them - in a very congruent way. I knew what ads made them call my office, and once they opened my front door, they were mine.

Now I’m not saying I sold them ALL on chiropractic and me, but I sold 87 per cent of them, with something I think can change any practice and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

"using Dr. Erich's ROF,
I closed a $7,500 case fee"
Dr. Diem N.

Why Did I Work On This R.O.F.
So Hard And So Long???

Because I knew this is where the crucial time with the patient is. This is where you set the stage for the rest of their care.

It was something that I worked on for months and months until it became a science and a replicable process.

Now I’ve got to tell you, I hate complicated things, and I also hate long three and four day reports. They suck in my opinion and if you can learn my patented R.O.F., my 5 minute or less R.O.F., you’re going to free up so much time, and make so much money that you’ll never look back.

These are not isolated testimonials either. I’ve given over 6,351 ROF’s myself and coached an additional 3,482 chiropractors on how to do this one thing better than anyone else.

Listen, I’m not here to sell you a thing. I’m here to help you. I’m offering you a chance to transform your practice and your life plus see more patients, make more money and work less hours.

Your ROF works!!!
“I just sold my highest prepay of $3,946.00 paid by check. She didn’t even let me finish my “2” other options. Thanks for giving me the certainty and teaching me how to package myself.” Dr. O.

So here’s the deal doctor.

Am I Crazy?

NO! I’m trying to help you. Hey, it’s very simple, Listen to the
doctors on this site tell you what my ROF has done for them. Don’t take my word for it, just watch them and you’ll know why this short, concise, step by step ROF works.

Besides, like I said, I took a practice that was seeing zero patients to seeing over 1,000 patient visits in just under four years. And made millions of dollars in the process.

Like I said before, I found out through my own, ‘trial and error’ that the R.O.F. was the most important thing I did with the patient. Period! End of story. And I’m not joking either.

Yeah the consultation is important, but if you’re going to get them to believe in you as their doctor and follow through with their recommended care, you’ve got to have an R.O.F. gets people to say yes in 5 minutes or less.

If you’re doing a R.O.F. that lasts three or four days, of even just 15 minutes you’re talking too much and you’re trying to sell yourself, your office and chiropractic. STOP!

"we've gone from seeing 300 to 450pv a week" Dr. Tad T.

You’re wasting your time.

Listen. Ever been to a new car dealership? If you have then you understand sales, and salesmanship. They want and need to sell you a new car. And they try and sell it to you from the time you say the magic words, “I’m interested”, until the time you leave.

I don’t do that!

I have my R.OF. precisely constructed so that when you walk into your R.O.F. room, you know EXACTLY what you’re going to say and your focused on only that. You never even have to try to sell them or convince them with your educational process. Ever tried to convince a patient that they need care?
How did that go? You see people don’t like to be sold.

7 report of finding
26 adjustments
3 new patients
All in 3 hours yesterday afternoon.

If I wasnt doing a five minute report of findings I would have lost my mind! Instead it was smooth as butter!

Thanks coach!
Dr. Caleb B.

They Make The Decision To Buy! You Don’t!

There is no selling and with my R.O.F. there is complete certainty! You’ll be very comfortable doing this R.O.F. if you listen to the CD’s and watch the DVD’s of this complete ROF program. (this program is only for the doctor that is a caring, motivated, high achiever type of doctor that wants immediate results.)

What do I mean by high achiever? I have a member who listens to my five minute R.O.F. coming and going from his office. In the month of July (usually a slow month) he collected $156,362.73. This doctor is FOCUSED and the results speak for themselves and you can do the same, … if you choose too. It’s all on you and your inner desire.

" completely transformed my practice.. collections up from $70k to over $100k per month "
Dr. Charles P.

Doctor, let me be very blunt here if I may. If you’re tired of ‘Begging for Patients’ and want that certainty I’m talking about when you enter the R.O.F. room with a new patient, then you’ve come to the right website.

I congratulate you.

But again, let me WARN you. If you’re the type of doctor that is going to buy this and then let it sit on your bookshelf or send it back, don’t waste my time or yours. Life is too short to do this. I have a busy practice and I want to help you, but if you don’t or won’t help yourself, then this program is not for you.

This R.O.F. program is for the doctor that is congruent with his office, his patients and his ultimate goals. A lot of doctors say they want more new patients, a busier practice and to survive this recessionary economy, but then they read something like this and say, “Oh, I can’t do that. I live in a small town or my patients would never think of doing that or I don’t have the time to listen or watch something over and over again.”

“Using Dr. Erich’s ROF, I went from a 34% closing rate to 80%. This works.”
Dr. D.

Look Doc, let’s be honest with each other. If you’re a tad-bit motivated about building a healthy practice and you’re tired of the economy and patients leaving you left and right, then STOP wasting time. Get this R.O.F. and start doing my patented R.O. F. and your practice and your life will never be the same.

"Dr. Erich's ROF has been the greatest investment ever - our collections went from 55k to 80k " Dr. Bryan V.

It’s so easy to do, you won’t believe it if you don't just do it. I’m serious!!!

What will you learn in this private ROF training? How about:

  • ROF scheduling secret: I’ll tell you exactly what time during office hours is best to do your ROF’s and why?
  • Prepping Strategies for your ROF: How to make sure patients have the right attitude for what you have to present and who NOT to talk to!
  • ROF Logistics: I’ll tell you how to lay out of your ROF room and the tools you’ll need to use for maximum compliance.
  • Secret Verbage: How to answer the 4 questions that every patient has in 5 minutes or less and do it in such a way that the patient begs you to accept them.
  • Financial strategies: How to structure your finances to collect maximum dollars, whether the patient is paying by cash or Insurance.
  • What to say when you first walk into an ROF. This is so important to the ROF that many doctors never realize the power of their words and what they mean.
  • What video to show before you ever walk into your ROF (This is the video that I use because this sets the stage for their compliance. Once you’ve watched it you’ll understand the power of my New Patient Video)
  • How to position yourself when you talk to a patient. Most doctors miss these special points. They are absolutely critical to your success in your ROF.

“I just used your ROF for the first time today and closed a 6 month program with an $1800 pre-pay. Thanks much”. Dr. K.

  • How to make best use of the view box. Doctors use their view boxes the wrong way. I’ll show you when and how to place your x-rays on the view box. It’s very simple, yet much more powerful when done correctly.
  • Why you never want an x-ray on the view box when walk in. Again, this is something a lot of doctors do wrong. Don’t be one of them. Learn the secrets to the Turn Key ROF that works.
  • Why the ROF is the perfect place to pick up more new patients.
  • How to do your ROF if you are not doing X-rays. If you’re opposed to x-rays, I’ve taken care of that in my ROF. Not having x-rays is not a problem once you understand how to give the Turn Key 5 minute Report of Findings.
"Since I've used Dr. Erich's ROF, I've converted 90%"
Dr. Matt H.
  • How to speak with conviction. This isn’t hard once you’ve studied this program and know what you’re doing.
  • What to do if the patient asks a question. It’s the little things that add up to you either making it or breaking it in your Report of Findings.
  • Why you don’t want to have questions in the ROF. Questions are great, but the ROF is NOT the time to answer those questions. If they’ve watched the video that is included, you’re probably not going to have ANY questions.
  • Why the more you talk, the less conversion you’ll have.
  • Why trying to educate a patient in the ROF is the death trap.
    There is a time and a place to educate the patient. Trying to educate the patient in your ROF is the worst time to do this…GUARANTEED!
  • In what order you say things. If you pay close attention to every detail, you’re going to be able to give the patients exactly what they want in less than five (5) minutes, and they’re going to walk out of your ROF knowing that they’ve found the right doctor.
  • How to get their spouse to the ROF. This is very important because it means a better follow through for your patient, and the chance at acquiring another new patient, all at the same time.
  • How to structure prepay plans that are legal. The laws are changing and I’ve taken that into account and have structured this ROF to cover all the bases.

Made $5,200 in one day using your ROF!
“Yesterday I gave your ROF a try and WOW, I closed a $2,500 prepay of a husband and wife, then closed another $1,200 package deal the same morning and later that day another $1,500 deal, all in ONE DAY!. Thank you very much! I just can’t believe it!”
Dr. K.

" It literally saved my practice, doubled collections 1st month "
Dr. Robert L.
  • Why you never want to try to convince a patient. People are people and human nature is human nature. If you try to change someone in one or two visits, you might as well say goodbye to those patients because you’re trying to convince them. That my friend is the wrong way for you to act in your R.O.F.
  • EXTRA BONUS: Recorded Live ROF’s of me doing ROF’s with my patients and even clients of mine so you can hear exactly how it’s done
  • And Much, Much more…

Truth is, what I listed above doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I cover in this precise, patented, easy to implement “Turn Key 5 minute ROF”.

Once you get started watching the DVD's and listening to the CD's, you'll be hooked. And once you start doing what I recommend on those CD’s and DVD’s, your practice will expand beyond belief - and quickly, too.

Dear Dr. Erich:

I just wanted to send this note to tell you about the incredible changes in my office since implementing Dr. Erich's 5 min. ROF.

I never thought I could sign someone up for 40 visits, but patients are prepaying their copays; deductibles via check, care credit or credit card. This has truly transformed my practice.

I was seeing 50-80 visits/week for years, and after only 3 months of using the 5 min. ROF I am over 150 visits/week., working 3 days per week.

The most important thing I found is to remain silent after going over the payment options. My conversion rate is outstanding, since June it is 36/40. Dr. J. K.

"I was in practice 18 years before Dr. Erich and never know how to
do a good ROF... it's taken us
well over $1,000,000"
Dr. Robert B.

At this point you're probably wondering "How Much?" That is a good question.

Fact is, several of my best students believe I should charge at least $5,000 for this information. After all, when you consider that:

a.) No one else has ever taught these hidden, never before revealed secrets before and ...

b.) My cost in time and travel to acquire these specialized skills and give them to you in such a easy to implement package with everything done for you and ...

c.) The likelihood of ever getting me to come to your office and show it to you and …

d.) How much you make off just one new patient, hopefully more than $2,000 per case (I’ll show you that also) …

"in 6 days I've had 4 new patients and converted all 4 to treatment plans.. $5,500 net in 6 days,
I've already paid for the system"
Dr. Thad S.

Then I have to agree.

This information is worth AT LEAST that much when you consider all the time and effort I put into this system, but really, it's worth much, much more because of the value it’s going to give you for the rest of your career! In fact, when you consider the changes it can make in your life and your practice - how much would you pay to have a ‘magic wand given to you that can make your practice immensely MORE profitable.

Each year an average doctor spends an incredible sum of money on "empty promises." Long drawn out seminars taught by people that don’t even practice any more, or worse yet, by amateur marketing guys who have never done a single ROF and are just copying someone else’s ROF.

I ask myself constantly, how much would I have paid to get this information when I first came out of school? I'm sure you'll agree, I would have paid a lot more than I’m asking.

"I've used Dr. Erich's ROF extensively, and taken 2 different practices from 70 to 200 pv/wk
in 2 months" Dr. Miles D.

CONSIDER THIS: How much do people spend on marketing their practice and when the new patients show up, they can’t convert them into paying, staying, referring patients? Answer: An awful lot.

Why would anyone spend tons of money on marketing/advertising if they don’t have a sure-fire way to convert them to patients.

I don't know about you, but when I come across a "system" that gives results like this one, I jump on it. I don’t analyze it, I get it and implement it as fast as I can, especially when it's something that makes me more money.

The "good news" is I'm not going to charge you $5,000 to acquire this patented Turn-Key 5 Minute ROF System. In fact, although I intend to price this system for $1,897 - for the next 48 hours, as part of a special, I'm going to give you a $300 discount. This means I'm going to make it available to you, right now, for only $1,597 plus S&H.

"It's easy, it's stress-free and we're closing prepays"
Dr. Thomas D.

That is not only a hell of a bargain - it is an absolute steal!

So get the $300 savings by ordering my “Turn Key 5 Minute ROF” System today.

Here’s what you will get in the mail, A Concise, Easy-To-Use, Step-By-Step ROF’s that you can implement almost immediately. This includes:

  • DVD’s of exactly how to start and implement the 5 Minute ROF’s so people will know they are in the right place.
  • The actual DVD I have patients watch BEFORE I ever walk in the room. If this isn’t done, then I don’t give them a ROF!!!
  • Training CD’s to listen to while you are driving. These are the exact same CD’s that the most successful doctors listen to daily.
  • There’s even a CD of me doing “LIVE” ROF’s with patients, so you can be a spy on my wall and listen to every word I say, exactly how I say it.
  • A CD ROM with all the paper work, financial paperwork and anything I use to ‘seal the deal’ in the ROF.

“Hi Dr. Erich,I received the kit on Thursday last week.  Started watching the DVD’s.  Had a new patient on Friday and used everything you teach.  Monday morning new patient was in for ROF and closed within 5 minutes for the 6 month care plan. The live ROF’s are awesome. Thanks” Dr. D., DC

"just using Dr. Erich's R.O.F....
we increased our CASH receipts
by $350,000 last year "
Dr. Curt D.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Well what about some special Bonuses for me because I’m going to take action now?” Good question. Okay, here are some additional bribes, just to get you to take action NOW!

  • Gift #1 - Live ROF CD, hear me do live ROF’s with actual patients. (Be a spy on my wall)
  • Gift #2 - a 15 minute private consultation with me to help you implement this ROF, once you’ve reviewed all the CD’s and DVD’s. ($400 Value)
  • Gift #3 - a brand new copy of my book: “Creating Patients for Life” ($24.95 value)
  • Gift #4 - a complete transcript Of my ROF CD’s so you can follow along.

  • Gift #5 - Dr. Erich's Gold Membership FREE FOR 2 MONTHS ($594 value)

There you have it. Five FREE Bonuses, which is a lot of stuff…

"I went from 30 to 50 pv the first month, just by implementing the ROF" Dr. John A.

One final point before I stop: I'm not sure how long I'll even be able to keep this ROF secret for sale. I have undertaken a significant risk to give away all these secrets in this System, and you don’t want your competition to find out about it, so I sincerely hope you understand what I mean by this.

Click the "ORDER" button below if you’re tired of begging for patients and you’re tired of being rejected when you give a ROF.

Place your order now!

All the Best,

Dr. Erich

P.S. Don’t forget. You get the entire “Turn-Key 5 Minute ROF” System, which is packed with all the CD’s and DVD’s and LIVE ROF’s by me, for literally nothing.

I’m handing you this system on a silver platter.

You don’t have to struggle through all the seminar and sit up late at night figuring out what works, what doesn’t work, how to do this in as little time as possible and yet be very, very effective.

P.P.S. And on top of that you’re going to receive all five bonuses as my saying THANK YOU for trusting in me and my ability to give you the best damn ROF on the planet today and I’m not the only one that believes this is absolutely the best ROF ever.

"the first patient that came in signed up immediately and
pre-paid over $2,000"
Dr. Stephen L.
"I've more than tripled my practice, Thanks so much
Dr. Erich" Dr. Stephanie J.
"The 5-minute ROF has really transformed my practice, we are over $100,000/month now"
Dr. Hoon L.






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