"Spend Just 6 Hours With Me
And I'll Show YOU How To Get More Patients, Work Less Hours and Make More Money, Guaranteed!"
New Seminar Dates To Be Announced

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser

Do you ever wonder why some doctors are wildly successful, while others continue to struggle month after month…just to keep their doors open?

I used to. But, I don’t anymore. Why? Because I was actually handed the exact roadmap to building a huge, high earning (7 figure) practice, while remaining 100% compliant. And, I can show you exactly how to do it too.

It’s easy. And, the best part is: it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in practice for 1 week or 20 years. It also doesn’t matter if you’re earning an impressive living or if you are one month away from putting the keys on the counter and closing your doors for good. The specific steps are exactly the same (and work equally as well).

Here’s why you should listen to me about this subject…

There was a time when I was where most doctors are. Struggling, frustrated and burned out. I had been to all the seminars and still didn’t have the solution. Fortunately, I’m the type of guy who never gives up.

And, thank God I didn’t. I ended up meeting a doctor that had the practice of my dreams. What he revealed to me was that “the secret psychological processes that get people to ‘buy’ are the exact same processes that get patients to ‘buy’ from you too as a doctor.” He then revealed step-by-step exactly how he does it. And, ever since I’ve modeled his exact system…my results have been phenomenal.

Imagine going from almost totally broke to making a 7 figure income. That is exactly what happened for me. You can imagine how my life turned around overnight. I’ve never worried about money since then.

Listen, don’t worry if you haven’t been as successful as you had imagined you would be. It’s not your fault. No one has handed you the blueprint before.

Until now…

I’m going to give you this exact roadmap that I followed (and now teach to hundreds of doctors across the country and internationally) to build a 1.5 million dollar a year mega successful practice…all this, in a 1 day, no-holds barred, reveal-it-all-at once, warp speed seminar.

aaaaaaaOne Day Seminars with Dr. Erich
8:30am - 4:00pm

New Seminar Dates To Be Announced

How To Double Your Practice In The Next 90 Days or Less, Guaranteed

Here is just a sample practice transforming topics I will be revealing to you:

  • How To Attract Referring New Patients With OR WITHOUT any ADVERTISING (Imagine not having to spend a dime to attract new patients...if you don’t want to) 3 world class strategies that Reactivate “old” patients almost automatically. (You’ll be amazed at how patients start coming back out of the woodworks) How to use my 5 Min. ROF to boost your conversion rate 93% of the time. (This is a key strategy to quickly building up your monthly collections) Double Your Profits in 91 Days Or Less…Guaranteed. This is not a misprint. Discover how to differentiate yourself from everyone in town... using 3 of my proven marketing tools (These 3 strategies alone will create instant credibility, authority and celebrity status for you.)
  • Learn how to BYPASS the biggest, costliest MISTAKE that almost ALL chiropractors make... that will sap your income everyday.

We only have space for 29 Chiropractors for this practice changing event…so don’t dilly dally too long and risk being locked out of this locked door, exclusive event.

Still skeptical? Just listen to what these doctors just like you had to say… 

"Just a quick update since the One Day seminar I came to in Sydney . Last Monday we did 40 visits in the afternoon, 3 New Patients, 1 reexam, 3 progress reports, Had 3 patients pre-pay for care in the ROF and collected over $7,200 in one day. Made more in One Day than I used to make in 2 weeks." - Dr. Brian J., Australia

“I learned more practical information in 3 hours with Dr. Erich than in 18 months with a practice management company.”
- Dr. Dan W., Kansas City, KS

"Since the seminar (two months ago) I went from 95 PV/week to 153 PV/ week and my collection went from $26,000 to $40,000 last month. I recommend anybody attend his seminar." - Dr. Tom E., TX

"Started with Dr. Erich about 4 months ago... collections over 1.5 million so far, NP visits 20 per weeks" - Dr. J.

"I came along skeptical, but I've been really impressed"
- Dr. Phillip B., Australia

"I feel like I've learned to work better with what I know how to do"
- Dr. Russel M., Italy

"a lot of practical information"
- Dr. Luke S., Australia

"I learned a lot about how to train my C.A.'s - I think it will have a big impact on new patients"
- Nona K., Spain

"I've learned so much today"
- Dr. Jonathan O., England

"I am energized and pumped up, ready for Monday morning"
- Dr. Svein K., Norway

PracticePractice Wealth Ltd
Dr. Erich Breitenmoser

Phone and Fax: (877) 808-6046

"The Seminar was fantastic - you have to go, there is nothing out there like Dr. Erich"
- Dr. Robert P., Italy

"I've been following Dr. Erich on email for about 3 years, and finally I came to see what's it's all about - it's been really practical work that we've learned here today, things I'll use straight away in practice - it's been excellent"
- Dr. Bryon S., England

"The information here is phenominal, I'm sure there is something new for everyone"
- Dr. Mike S., Spain

"He's a money-making machine."
- Dr. Jeremy H., Australia

"Worth every dollar, from the first half hour"
- Dr. Michael C., Malaysia


"We've learned some increditble stuff, we're excited to go in on Monday morning to implement some of these new strategies"
- Dr. Michael B., Canada

"learned a lot of things I can use in my practice"
- Dr. Antonio G., Spain

"I've been here 1 hour and already learned 4-5 things that I will take back to my practice"
- Dr. Greg S., France

"this is my 3rd one-day seminar.. coming back to the seminar helps me get my momentum back"
- Dr. Simon M., Spain

"I'm learning more than I ever have in all the other seminars I have attended after 29 years in practice"
- Dr. Kon H., Australia

"I love it - I know what I'm doing next week.... implementing"
- Dr. Sami L., Finland

"I learned a lot about how to create the lifestyle and practice I really envision for myself"
- Dr. Matthew B., Australia

"It's been tremendous, a lot I didn't know after quite a long time in practice"
- Dr. Tony P., England

"Dr. Erich gives you ideas to help you with your paradigm - what you really believe in - to help you enhance your office"
- Dr. Nathan B., Australia

"very inspiring, he's even better in person"
- Dr. Marc S., England

"It's been absolutely fanatastic, can't wait to get into the office on Monday and implement"
- Rachel O., England

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